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Masterpiece and Technique
「Utmostly bring the flavor out of the ingredient」
Many producers across the country have put their soul into exceptional products.
From an optimal culinary preparation will arise the most delicious dish.




「Utmostly bring the flavor out of the ingredient」
We, chefs, are totally obsessed with this idea when the moment comes to deal with an ingredient. Is it better to cook it immediately? Is it better, on the contrary, to let it rest and mature a little bit more? Should it be lightly salted before letting it dry? Is it relevant to cook it immediately?  Even though it should only concern one ingredient, the optimal method of preparation will differ depending on the season, its arrival and its condition at this very moment.
There are many top-notch products, true masterpieces, born from the work of producers from all over the country, who put all their soul into it.
Allow me to introduce to you, on this page, some of these gems that I consider particularly exceptional.

Hida Beef

Its magnificent marbling makes it a product of such quality that it has allowed it to reach, among other things, the highest category in the field, the A5 category.
According to the ascertainments of the Japanese Meat Evaluation Association (JMGA) about grade A5, on a national average, about 30% of carcass deliveries receive such certification. However, in the case of Hida beef, the rate is doubled, as approximately 60% of carcasses obtain it.When it comes to the tenderloin, this piece of meat is so tender that a simple preparation as a steak, seasoned with a hint of salt and pepper, is enough.
For a slightly more fibrous part and with a more prominent umami such as the uncovered rib, it will be best to enjoy it in "shabu shabu" (Japanese variation of Chinese fondue) or "sukiyaki" (Japanese fondue).
After you have stripped the piece of meat off its toughest nerves, you can also cook up a beef stew with those same nerves by boiling them for 3-4 hours.

The "Amadaï" tilefish (Branchiostegus)

The Bungo Channel is famous for being one of Japan's richest fishing grounds.
There are many species of fish in abundance such as, among others, horse mackerel, mackerel, red sea bream or "isaki" (Parapristipoma trilineatum).
Amadaï tilefish is one of those particularly popular high-flavor fish.
This fish, notably easy to scale, can only be caught by specialized professional fishermen.
Once caught, each specimen undergoes, within the boat itself, a technique lavished with delicacy in order to preserve its flesh.Thanks to the delicate treatment provided by the fisherman, the “amadai” tile fish will superbly be preserved.
Because of the softness its scales, it is possible to take advantage of this feature to prepare it as a grilled fish with deliciously crispy scales.
Cooking requiring great caution to the cooking temperature presents an especially high degree of difficulty.



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