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“At Home cooking” service
The steak of Hida Beef is a premium piece of meat with a unique flavor that has been a conversation subject even among the highest personalities and most famous celebrities around the world. Let yourself be tempted to taste this exquisite delicacy at home, prepared with passion and served with all the hospitality of the former chef of the Japanese Ambassador's residence.

Private Chef


Hold easily, at home, unforgettable lunches and dinners, marking a turning point in your life, by inviting your close friends and your family, for an unpretentious party at home or for events of the highest importance as well.
Enjoy the provision of services from a chef at your disposal to satisfy all wishes you could have, whatever the situation could be, and an individualized cuisine, exclusive to this very day.
Able to travel anywhere across Japan, please feel free to contact me.

In business trip cooking, we are working to ensure health and safety by taking the following measures and paying close attention so that our customers can enjoy their meals with peace of mind.

・ Wearing a mask

・ Hand washing and disinfection

・ Staff temperature measurement

・ Ventilation by circulator

・ Installation of acrylic board to prevent droplets (image posted at the bottom of the page)

* As previously reported in the press, we are also responding to requests to shorten the business hours of restaurants in Tokyo.

The Menu

A menu matching with the customer's preferences will be submitted to him in advance on the basis of informations taken upstream.

​Basically, the menu is composed of : Assorted starters, Soup, Sashimi (raw fish slices), Agemono (oil-fried foods), Nimono (boiled foods), Yakimono (grilled or pan-fried foods), accompaniment, dessert.

​Whether it would be a party where guests stand or a reception where they would be seated, it will be possible to satisfy the wishes of the customer, according to the preferences that have been submitted beforehand, thanks to adaptation and flexibility.

The choice of ingredients will also be adapted with flexibility. So, don't hesitate to talk to me about this subject.


Price for a preparation in "kaiseki" style  (dishes to eat while seated)
¥ 20000 per person


Party or reception in a buffet format (dishes to eat while standing)
¥5,000 per person

(Acquaint me with the number of guests, the budget and any other useful information beforehand in order to facilitate the delivery)

※ VAT not included

※Travel expenses are not included in the price and will constitute a detached pricing.

Furthermore, if the customer resides at a significant distance, it would be possible that the shipment of utensils, ingredients and other useful items to the service needs to be sent by postal services to the customer's home beforehand.
On this occasion, the delivery costs are at the customer's expense. Please ensure that you give your consent beforehand about this subject.
(Applications from abroad will be dealt separately, and shall require prior discussion.)

Execution of the delivery

I will show up at your home or at the place where delivery will occur 2 or 3 hours before the service begins.

・ I ask you the permission to kindly grant me the use of gas or induction cooking plates in the kitchen, the worktop and any elements necessary for the preparation.

※ Please contact me via the "contacts" page of the site for bookings and to discuss with me about any subjects related to the delivery.

※In some cases, it may not be possible to make certain requests due to the conditions of the booking. I hope to count on your understanding in that situation.

Notice of shortening business hours

In accordance with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's request to shorten business hours, we will be open until 8:00 p.m. from Friday, January 8 until Monday, February 8.
The hours of operation after February 9 will be announced on this page after a decision is made based on social conditions.


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