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The kitchen is like an arena where a swordsman, battling against time, must, at every moment, accommodate its performance to the surrounding factors in order to grasp victory.
 So let me share with you the secrets of this scene of which I know, as a professional and diligent practitioner, the slightest arcanes.
I will be pleased to transmit with passion a piece of knowledge gained from my own experience.

Instructor Japanese cuisine


It's been 22 years since I took the path of chef.
A time spent in the accumulation of experience and in the achievement of positive results on many different stages, could it be traditional "Kappo" style restaurants, luxury hotels, consulates or embassies.
Now, I am eager to respond to requests from public institutions, private companies or local authorities, from all over Japan, that wish to benefit from my knowledge as a speaker and recipe-creator through themes such as "the unknown charms of traditional Japanese cuisine," "Japanese cuisine seen through the international prism" or "confidences about the experience of a chef assigned to the ambassador's residence."
Furthermore, I attach the greatest importance in the fact that, through my activity, I shall be allowed to help to highlight, to everybody, the charm of meeting and exchanging with producers who are committed to developing ingredients of incomparable quality, as well as make everyone finding out the treasures of local cuisine and terroirs.


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