Hida Beef

Its magnificent marbling makes it a product of such quality that it has allowed it to reach, among other things, the highest category in the field, the A5 category.
According to the ascertainments of the Japanese Meat Evaluation Association (JMGA) about grade A5, on a national average, about 30% of carcass deliveries receive such certification. However, in the case of Hida beef, the rate is doubled, as approximately 60% of carcasses obtain it.When it comes to the tenderloin, this piece of meat is so tender that a simple preparation as a steak, seasoned with a hint of salt and pepper, is enough.
For a slightly more fibrous part and with a more prominent umami such as the uncovered rib, it will be best to enjoy it in "shabu shabu" (Japanese variation of Chinese fondue) or "sukiyaki" (Japanese fondue).
After you have stripped the piece of meat off its toughest nerves, you can also cook up a beef stew with those same nerves by boiling them for 3-4 hours.