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The refinement of the world of traditional Japanese cuisine, prepared by the former chef of the Japanese Ambassador's residence, at home.
A cuisine drawing the quintessence of ingredients, prepared with heart and served with a sense of hospitality.

出張料理人 工藤英良

“At Home cooking” service

Whether for a simple party at home or to celebrate one of the defining events of your life, hold easily an outstanding meal at home.

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 Lecturer in Japanese cuisine


Could it be a request from a public institution, a private company or a local authority, receive my services as a lecturer or as a creator and recipe-inspiring chef.


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Instructor in japanese cuisine


More caring than a television cooking program and more gentle than a cookbook.
I will teach you, in a friendly atmosphere, and above all, with confidence, the tips for preparation of a delicious traditional Japanese cuisine.


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Masterpiece X Technique


「Utmostly bring the flavor out of the ingredient」
Many producers across the country have put their soul into exceptional products.
From an optimal culinary preparation will arise the most delicious dish.


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Media coverage


For TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, the Web, etc.

Introducing appearances and publications.

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We agree with the purpose of the operation of this project and cooperate

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